Spending or Saving?

The parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). Not literal talents in the sense of something we are capable of doing really well, more so than what someone else can. But talents as in money. Christ was not making a financial deposit into the lives of the disciples and others who followed him, but investing in them the knowledge that His Father was giving to Him freely. That knowledge we now have in us all. Scripture tells us that as soon as we accept Christ as Lord and Savior by believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us.

With the Spirit within, work begins to shape us and mold us into the image of Christ that God intended us to be made in. We have the same power within us that Christ had when He was raised from the dead, healed the lame and sick, and made water into wine. The Spirit is constantly moving and shaking to bring things together in our lives that will help bring glory to God in all that we do.  In that, we are given talents. These talents are gifts, knowledge, skills, personalities, and character traits which help us to be unique and do the work God has for us in a way that only we can and will bring God the glory.

When God the Father invested into Christ, Christ did not hold it to himself. Christ did exactly what God wanted Him to do and say because He knew it would bring the Father glory and create change that only the Father could manifest. Christ didn’t just save it all up, bottled up and stored away. He poured it out on everyone else around Himself.

So, are you saving or spending? Are you using what God the Father has given to you through His Spirit? It is not meant for just yourself. Yeah, you’ll benefit from it and change from it, but He intended for it to be used and spent on others. The Father’s love and forgiveness made huge changes in the world when the Son spent what was given to Him, when the disciples spent what was given to them.

They didn’t hold it all in, but went out and invested it in others. Are you investing? Spending what God has given to you into others?

God bless!

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