Thinking back on a few weeks ago we are reminded that in order to make an impact for Christ and be a kingdom influence for God we must be able to hear Him. We studied the story of Noah and His relationship with God and how it differed from those who lived around Noah (Genesis 6-8). Noah was counted righteous and was chosen by God in order to bring change to the people around him, yes, even change which led to death (kinda of scary, but God works in mysterious ways, and it shows the severity of God’s hatred of sin).

We saw that we need to be able to know God’s voice. In John 10 Jesus calls us His sheep. Yeah, we know that sheep are one of the the dumbest animals, but that is not the point I am trying to make here. The point is that the sheep know the Shepherds voice, When he calls, the sheep respond. They understand, after years of being around the Shepherd, that the shepherd means no harm and only has the best interest of the sheep in mind. The sheep can trust their shepherd. Noah understood and knew he could trust God. After years of being in relationship with God he was focused and knew when God spoke.

Have you been years in your walk with God? Still can’t hear his voice? Try slowing down and taking the time to hear Him. We can’t hear something if we are caught up in all the other noise that goes on in our lives. Take the time to sit and listen.

If we don’t listen, we won’t know what to do. He gives not only instruction, but also the tools needed to do what He needs and wants us to do here on earth. Knowing God’s voice requires listening, listening requires obedience, and obedience brings about blessing for not only you, but those around you.

God bless!

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