A Contemporary Worship Service on the campus of UVa-Wise. We meet at the Chapel of All Faiths at 7:00PM evey Wednesday.

Tupos is a ministry of Camp Bethel in Wise, or The Bible Institute of Southwest Virginia. The purpose of Tupos is the same as Camp Bethel Ministries with a focus on college students. We are here to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in keeping with the Great Commission and to disciple in Christian living. The means to accomplish this shall include but not be limited to a weekly contemporary worship service, small group opportunities, summer mission opportunities, and a variety of events offered throughout the year. These events can be service projects, mission trips, mountain biking, caving, skiing, climbing, paintball, and serving with ecumenical projects on campus.


Let us ask you a question. Are you Thirsty? What is coming quenches thirst and ignites fire. Are you ready? Lives are going to change. Be one of them…Tupos

(two-pah-ss) = (Greek for) Making an impact, or leaving an impression. This is the purpose of Tupos. We want to impact students and leave an impression of Christ to be reflected throughout the rest of their lives. College is a critical time where many students are able to make decisions for themselves on what they truly believe in life, religion, and spirituality. We want that decision to be based with the knowledge and understanding of Truth. Meeting students where they are and impacting them for Christ so that they can leave that impression with others is our goal.